Fun Fact Friday!

Hello Amigos!!

Ever wonder some real facts about the person behind this screen typing these words? 

Well, consider yourself lucky, first because you are following and reading this cool blog and second because you’re about to know some things I would not share with anyone else buy YOU.


1. I dislike lizards & bugs.

2. I have a hell of a right punch.

3. I love black/white

4. I can eat a whole box of pizza by myself

5. I know sharing is caring, but I don’t like to share {especially my food}

6. I’ve never dyed my hair, it’s naturally BLACK. {I also embrace my white hairs}

7. I have to write everything down if not, I forget.

8. One of my bad habits is emailing people information and forgetting to add links/photos… just ask my husband.

9. I can count all my REAL friends with one hand

10. I say what I mean and I mean what I say

11. I have a hard time apologizing

12. I get annoyed easily

13. Blogging is my therapy

14. Change is hard on me but I accept it and move forward with it.

15. I’m beyond grateful for all of you, sincerely, from the bottom of this girl’s heart.

And of course, I hope that after reading this you all don’t decide to disappear on me. I am human, I have flaws, I’m not perfect and I am still learning as I go through this Life of mine…

love you, mean it.



written by your’s truly….

Hello Amigos!

These past few weeks I have been taking a trip back on memory lane reading some of my older posts, I’ve been getting inspired and have written down ideas for future posts. I have come across some interesting posts and some not so interesting and in fact boring… I remember when I started the blog I wanted to please ALL of my daily readers so much that I would write about just anything {this is really in the beginning} but now, I write about the things that I LOVE! about the things that I connect with and find FUN and EXCITING for my readers. I want to build an audience of readers that not only support my blog and posts but support me as a writer and creative soul.

So, from the moment I looked back at some of my posts I made a list of my FAVORITE one’s written by yours truly… I like to see how much my writing style has evolved in just a few short  months. At the beginning I was afraid to write too much because I felt like people wouldn’t want to read {people pleasing} thank God I no longer feel that way, I am happy to write as much as I want and happy to have my faithful readers {that have been with me from my first post} read and engage! Thank you guys/girls! You’re all the BEST.

these posts are not in a specific order…

Happy Reading… :)


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6. Top 8 YouTube Favorites

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9. K.I.R. | The Blogosphere Community

10. First Date Don’ts

There you have it! My all time favorite posts, if you haven’t checked them out please do yourself the favor of clicking on the titles above and it will direct you to the post! You can comment & share a post that you may relate too or just love as much as I do.

Once again, I cannot say it enough THANK YOU for the love and support… it is because of you guys that I get to do what I love every single week.



The Slay of Bey Oh, and the VMA’s

Hello Amigos!

Last night was a night I have been raving about all week the Video Music Awards 2014 was on full swing last night. I’m honestly not one to watch this particular show but because I knew Mrs. Carter would be performing well, that had me waiting up all night to watch her bring her Diva self on the stage. The anticipation was truly killing me inside because the fact that I had to sit through some of these performances, it was brutal to say the least.

The show began with that young girl Ariana Grande (not a fan) she has the voice but does her hairstylist have any other ideas than that high pony tail? it’s time to move on from it if you ask me, then a performance from Nicki Minaj {not a fan} the anaconda was no where to be found, last I heard they cut him out of the performance for biting a dancer… then it was Jessie J, I must say the girl has some vocals!

Katy Perry walked in and pulled a Britney Spears but she takes on Best Female Video with rapper Juicy J for “Dark Horse”  also, Taylor Swift performed, finally a CLASSY performance I am not a fan of hers but I appreciate her bringing a good act to the show, she stays true to herself and as an artist {of any kind} I believe that is important. Chelsea Handler presents an Best Male Video award to Ed Sheeran for Sing. Best Pop Video Award goes to Ariana Grande and Iggy for Problem. Kim Kardashian is wearing who knows what and presents the performer Sam Smith {who by the way blew me away with an amazing and classic performance} who she mentions is her friend… we get it you know plenty of people in the music business…. congratulations Kim.

Rapper Common introduces Best Hip-Hop Video which goes to Drake for Hold On, We’re Going Home and accepts the award on his behalf {Drake was a no show}, Usher performed with Nicki Minaj the song She Came to Give it to you {Usher is cute and all, but this song for me was a total flop}, Best Rock Video goes to Lorde for Royals {a favorite}, The Artist to Watch award goes to Fifth Harmony {another girl group}, Iggy and Rita Ora perform Black Widow and Taylor Swift was busting her own kinda moves, give the girl a break people! Video of the Year goes to Miley Cyrus for Wrecking Ball, award was accepted by Jesse, a homeless teenager in the city of LA he said “I’m accepting this award for the 1.6 million homeless youth in this country, I know this because I am one of those people.” This was one of the greater moments e v e r in VMA history.

The last and BEST performer of the night was the incredibly talented BEYONCE.

Beyonce sang and danced to the tracks of her new album that released December 2013 starting with Mine, Haunted, No Angel, Jealous, Blow, Drunk In Love, Rocket, Partition, Flawless, Yonce, Blue & Xo I mean she is truly a one-in-a-lifetime artist.




and while the mommy was performing….


Blue seems to have her momma’s moves!

Jay-Z and Blue presented Beyonce with The Video Vanguard Award Blue says into the mic “good job, mommy” and Jay-Z says “To the greatest living entertainer, Beyonce!”


What divorce?

The night ended on a beautiful Family Moment. This was truly one of the best moments in VMA history, Beyonce is a performer, entertainer, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister… she protects whats hers, she has the right to be silent when the world around her is attacking her family because of one video that should’ve never been leaked out to the press, all families have their issues, the difference between our families and theirs is that their life is public. I admire for her for the way she handles situations, she allows her ACTIONS to speak for her… Thank you Beyonce, for truly being an inspiration to my life personally as a sister, daughter and wife.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

A well deserved award for an extraordinary performer that took the night away on a high note.

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my biggest fear…

Hello Amigos!

Don’t know where to begin to be honest with you… when this question popped into my head and as I wrote it in my journal as a thought I said to myself “How do I even begin to explain my fear?” my biggest fear is the fear of heights and although many people have this fear I believe everyone copes differently. My husband and I were at a dinner this past weekend for a friend’s birthday and as we sat there we were talking to people and telling them about our biggest fear, when I mentioned my fear of heights one girl looked at me and I know she was probably thinking “no way, your character seems to be of someone who isn’t afraid of anything”  I do consider myself to be a person with a very strong character of knowing who I am and where I stand, but we all have fears… no one is exempt.

st. louis gateway arch

As we were sitting there talking my husband brought up a story from when we went to St. Louis and we went on the Gateway Arch, we were passing through and my hubby Brad wanted to go inside the arch so bad that I told him “let’s go” yes, I knew what I was getting myself into and I tried my hardest to control my anxiety. As we were going up I was sitting quietly that didn’t bother me so much because there wasn’t any windows to actually look out. The space on this mini elevator was claustrophobic indeed, but I stayed in control. As soon as we reached the top there was a long hallway with huge windows on both sides, there were lots of people looking out at the scenery taking pictures of the beautiful city.

Brad grabbed me by my hand and said “It’s going to be ok, look, how beautiful it is..” and needless to say as soon as I stepped close enough to look out into the city and took a glance down, I lost it. I started sweating, trembling and every part of me was trying to control it, but I couldn’t it got so bad that I began to cry and by that point Brad gently pulled me closer to him, he hugged me and said “let’s go” he didn’t judge me, he embraced me with love and affection. We headed towards the exit sign, one of the workers saw that I was a mess and he allowed us to finish the tour early as we were placed back on this tiny elevator to head back down.

Trust me just telling you the story makes me nervous and I’m nervous just thinking about it. I don’t know why I’ve always been afraid of heights. I don’t know how to handle it, it scares the hell out of me and I do think that part of it is because I have no control over the situation in front of me. none at all. I also remember a time we went to Busch Gardens and I decided {don’t ask me why} to ride a roller coaster, I didn’t puke, which is a plus but I did have my eyes closed to whole entire ride… I tried opening them but for the life of me I couldn’t.

You might wonder how this conversation even got started, well, one of my close friends which I have mentioned before Marilyn went sky diving for her birthday and was talking about what a liberating experience it was for her. She doesn’t know this but in my mind I was like she is so brave and strong, I could never do that. I admire her for stepping out and doing something outside of her comfort zone, I still think she is total BAD ASS for jumping off a plane!

Maybe, one day, I will try it… maybe one day I will no longer be afraid of heights… maybe it will be a thing of the past… so until then I avoid ladders, roller coasters, high-rise buildings, and anything that is taller than I {which would be everything since I’m only 5’3}.

What is your biggest fear? And would you consider conquering it?

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love you, mean it.



Organization & Balance

Hello Amigos!

Today, I want to talk to you all about organizationThis is not a post on how-to balance/organize your life, blogging, family, friends, etc it’s a post opening up a discussion about all those things. Lately, I have finally found the balance between my personal life and blogging and all it really took was getting organized. Yup, the big O!

First things first, Organization. I bought myself a ShopBando agenda for 2014-2015 year and I can honestly say it has been the best investment I have made, I’ve tried to write everything on my iPhone but it seems not to have been working for me, I would get frustrated because sometimes I would miss a day of blogging because I wouldn’t get an alert. I know have an alarm to check my planner on Mon, Wed & Friday’s. I love writing so it just seems like the perfect fit.

I posted the picture of my agenda about 1 week ago on my Instagram and everyone loved it! I love owning it and the simplicity of it all, it’s super cute and chic, who knew that planning could be so much Fun?!

Another useful planning tool for blogging that I use is my Vera Bradley notebook, this notebook has been a little blessing in disguise, every time I have a blog post idea or any other creative ideas in general I write them in this little notebook. Imagine that, if you got a hold of my notebook you could literally read what is inside of this head of mine… “all good things, all good things” :)


Secondly, Balance. How do I balance being a wife, being a housewife and blogging… although I know some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking “You’re a housewife, you don’t work!” on the contrary, all housewives work, thankfully, I have been given the option to stay home and pursue my passion in writing, I understand that many bloggers do have a 9 to 5 job and that’s great because if that’s what works for you, than great. Housewives do work, it’s never ending, laundry, cleaning, managing doctor appointments {for everyone in the household}, cooking, walking the dog {if you have one}, taking care of the children {if you have them, which is a 24hr job within itself} the list goes on…..

This is how I balance my life… as I already mentioned above I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for example this week’s post are finished and ready for posting, so this week I prepare to write post for the following week. It makes life so much easier especially because I could post them straight from my iPhone. I try to fit laundry and cleaning during the week so I have the weekend to do fun things with my husband and spend time with my family. I also fit it managing everyone’s appointments, I manage the household in its entirety. The cooking is every day and this task is divided between me and my mom {who lives with us} she enjoys doing it.

Organization and Balancing my life has become easier as the years have gone by, I feel like I have gotten really good at it. My phone helps too, don’t get me wrong, that’s how I can keep in touch with the rest of you on social media and how I keep in touch with the rest of my family, friends and every body else I have to call for whatever reason or the other.

What do you do to keep yourself Organized and Balanced? Share your thoughts below!