Concert #OOTD


As you have all seen from my previous post my friend and I attended the John Legend Concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl at the Broward of the Performing Arts! It was so much fun we had such a great time! After much debate with myself I decided to sport a simple look, I added two accessories that took the look on a another level!


This was my outfit last night, Headband - Little Kate Designs, Sunglasses – {similarTarget, Necklace – {similarForever21, Chiffon Flowered Top – {similar} Forever21, Leggings – Forever21, Boots – {similar} Target, Wrislet – Target


It was a sunny afternoon with great deal of wind…


This was the process of me getting ready at home…I hardly ever iron my hair, as you already know I let my hair air dry {that can take up to two days} and then if I decide to iron it I do. I use the Chi Flat Iron.


This is my friend Marilyn and I about to enter the Broward Center of the Performing Arts! She is my shopping buddy, confidant, sista from anotha mistah, framily.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention we went to have some food at this local place called Himmarshee Public House and the food was absolutely AWESOME! If you’re ever in that area you MUST check them out!



Hope you enjoyed my Concert #OOTD look!



John Legend Concert


Oh, My Gosh! Yesterday night was the John Legend Concert at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Fl! My friend Marilyn and myself have been anticipating the arrival for this concert for two months! It was such an honor to be in the same room as this musical genius! John Legend is an artist that makes you feel the music, it is hard to explain, you have to sometime in your life see him perform in person so you can understand where I am coming from… and if you have seen him live then you know exactly what I mean.

So, instead of rambling on about how amazingly perfect this concert was, I am just going to show you…














At this point I thought he had finished… but he didn’t, thanks for the tease Mr. Legend!


Singing my favorite… All of Me.

What an amazing night, it truly was an unforgettable night! My friend and I had so much fun!!! I just had to share some of the many photos that I took with my Canon S110 which is such a great camera, it focuses and it’s small that can fit absolutely anywhere! If you would like to see the outfit I wore to the concert I may be posting it later on. This concert is one for the books indeed, I can now scratch it off my “Concert List” next, maybe Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Katy Perry…. we’ll see!

John, John, John… you are absolutely Legendary!



Blogger Tips


On October 7th, 2013 I began Hello Scar and when I first started my blog page did not look like what it looks like now, it took me a couple of months to get it where it is today. I’ve only been blogging for 7 months and in these 7 months I’ve learned a lot of things along the way, so I want to help out any new bloggers wanting to start their own blog but are overwhelmed with the thousands of blogs out here. I was too, overwhelmed and undecided if people would read or even care to know about my personal interest. Writing has always been a passion of mine, whether it be on a computer screen or on one of my many journals.

I kinda feel like its my “responsibility” in a way to share some tips and tricks for you newbies, first and foremost WELCOME to this “blogosphere” I welcome you with open arms. This past week I’ve been writing notes on things I’ve seen, things I’ve done wrong, and more!


Let’s begin…

1. Be Yourself | No one can do you than well, YOU! Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not because it will show in your writing and posts. That awesome personality you have {that you might think others may not appreciate} let is SHINE! People will notice the real you through your posts.

2. Be Original | Don’t copy other bloggers. This is a huge pet peeve of mine when I see other bloggers copying posts! Be Original, come up with your own posts, names, etc. Copying others is not cute. This is one of the things I swore I would never do, On a daily basis if a cool post name pops up in my head I make sure to write it in my iPhone so I don’t forget. Your posts should be a reflection of who you are as a person. If someone copies you, don’t get mad, don’t get even, that just means you’re doing something right.

3. Pictures | Make sure your pictures are clean and all the same size. I know it’s difficult at times to get the best shot, personally if I’m not photographing something with my Canon S110 I am doing it with my iPhone. One important factor in shooting people, places and things is lighting! It is very important to find your light. If you use your iPhone for pictures you can use a couple of apps to help you with filters {ex: Afterlight, PicTapGo, Snapseed or VSCOcam to name a few}.

4. Writing | Always check your spelling. I’m going to be totally honest, there are times that I forget but it’s definitely a must. Spell check it all, proofread, check it again. I know it may take some times but it will save you the heartache of unnecessary comments of people always trying to correct your writing skills.

5. Blog Theme | Clean and Simple. One thing you definitely do not, I repeat do not want to do is make your blog look like a MySpace account. You don’t need to have a background with a bunch of colors and shapes, keep it simple. Make a Header that will stand out. When I visit blogs the first thing I look at is the theme and it depends on that if I even go ahead and read a post.

Hope these tips have helped you especially if you’re deciding whether to start a blog!

If you have any questions you can contact me by clicking the contact tab under the header!



Gracias, Grazie, THANK YOU!

H E L L O!

Today’s post is an awesome one! I want to say Gracias, Grazie, THANK YOU! We’ve reached over 100 followers!!!!! I did my HAPPY dance when I received an email stating the amount of amazing readers/followers here on the blog! And because you all mean so much to me here I have a token of love {gift, per say} for you all.

As you all know I’m in LOVE with my Mason Jar Tumbler {view previous post here} that I carry almost everywhere! It’s the best thing I have bought thus far! Today I actually matched with it.


And because I love my Mason Jar Tumbler soooooooooo very much, I got you all a 25% OFF that will begin TODAY until FRIDAY 4-25-14!!!!! 

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P.S. – I want to thank Bobbi from The Mason Bar Company!

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Happy Shopping!



EASTER | 2014


Where to begin? For the past two months we’ve been visiting a church called Christ Fellowship in the Palmetto Bay area in Miami. We decided we were ready for a drastic change in our lives because we felt stuck where we were before, so about two weekends ago I prayed about serving in {my favorite area} kids ministry and decided to pray about it and wait, little did I know that God was going to speak to me through a message that talked about serving others… from that moment on I decided to take charge and made the decision of serving. It wasn’t a matter if I wanted too, it was a matter of the right thing to do.

The first time I served was last Sunday, it was a regular service at 12:30 pm and it was lots of fun, I made a few little friends. This Sunday {yesterday}, Easter, I was only supposed to serve 10:30am, 12:30 and 2pm but decided to stay til the 5:30pm service. I’m glad I did because I had the most FUN ever! I had forgotten how it was to feel that passion for serving, it’s like I stored it away and forgot about the first time I had ever served! I honestly felt amazing to be serving the smallest, the kids! They teach me so much about life and about myself.


Don’t know about you, but this sign is pretty UH-MA-ZING!

Although I am physically exhausted, My spirit rejoices and I’m full of joy seeing all that is happening in the lives of these children! My heart is so full.


This picture was taken during a skit.. the series they just finished for the kids was “Excuse My Mess – My heart is under construction” I love that they have series for the kids, because then the kids look forward to hearing more about Jesus the following week. I think it’s brilliant!

The Mission of the Church is to make DEVOTED {very loving; loyal} followers of Christ!


This made me extremely happy to see! :)

Easter for us is not just about bunnies and eggs filled with candies inside, although all those things are delish and good, it is more than that, we CELEBRATE the RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST!

“Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen…” Matthew 28:5

Happy Easter!