Yet Again…


It has happened once again, I went to Home Goods and was drawn in by all the amazing things they had for Spring! I couldn’t stop myself from staring and of course taking pics of all the little things that caught my eye! I bought three things that will be on a post on a later time. I truly enjoy walking around and looking at things, imagining in my head where exactly I would place them if I had the money to buy it all. Like I’ve said before I have come to appreciate and love Home Decor/Design, totally loving it! So, once again I did some “Window Shopping” I had done this before and posted about it here.

Let’s begin…

White Couch | So clean, perfect for a room where kids are not allowed or a home where there are no small children that could damage this beautiful piece. This would be perfect for a home office/den, bedroom or if you’re lucky enough to have a house by the ocean it would be great for a master bedroom with enough room for your own living area! So many things you can do with a love seat like this! The options are endless!


Jewelry Boxes | These gorgeous boxes can be used for absolutely anything your heart’s desire! I loved this blue/aqua color and the orange box caught my eye immediately. These would be great for your night stand, you can keep pens, paper, small things that you love keeping close to you inside any of these! These could brighten up any room! If you look at the background of both these pictures you will see there are print boxes as well! love.


Flower Plate | This is actually laying flat on the glass, I’m a huge fan of broken glass decor and when I saw this you know I just had to take a picture. I love that it is blue, knowing me and my style I would put this in the bathroom area as decor. I would probably figure out a way to put it on the wall and if that was impossible then I would incorporate it with the bathroom decor!


Wall Cabinet | What caught my attention about this piece were the colors, lately as some of you know my husband and I have been into wood and the rustic feel for our home office {and if you didn’t know, now you know}. I saw this gorgeous piece and it would be perfect to mount on the wall and use it for candles, vases, etc. Anything you choose to use it for would just make any space of your home look great. Maybe, it will be there when I return in two weeks! ;)


Bench | Love looking at furniture, I came across this adorable bench! I wanted to bring it home with me the moment I saw it! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? I would keep it just as is and change nothing of it. Put it out in our front porch, it would look so lovely.


Throw Pillows | As some of you already know, I am a sucker for throw pillows, I saw these as soon as I turned towards the pillows area, aren’t they cute? for summer! I think I might just return for the Laugh one and place it in my car. Yup! you read correctly! Who said you can’t decorate the interior of your car?! I sure do, I’ve even had blankets in my back seat for when people get cold. Totally diggin’ these! Which one is your favorite?


Yet Again… this window shopping happened but this time I did buy something I’ve been needing for my dining area. And like I said in a previous post I will update you on the dining area once it’s officially complete. I’m having so much fun decorating our home, making it our own little space.

Hope you enjoyed browsing as much as I did…



Fashion Friday

Khloe Kardashian



Can we say WOW! My favorite Kardashian looks absolutely stunning in this Narciso Rodriguez plaid knit black dress! I love that Khloe is taking more chances with Fashion and hitting her mark every single time! Girl, WORK! I’ve truly been a fan of Khloe since the show KUWTK started back in 2007! And let’s just say Khloe is rocking the fashion world with her lovely figure {which she has worked hard for} and her new style! We see you girl! I believe all the attention has shifted from sister Kim to Khloe, I mean can you blame the public? Khloe is doing her thang! This is not the first time Khloe has graced our blog, you can check out this other post here and here

Fierce and Fabulous! I am loving the dress, the red bold lips and her Christian Louboutin pumps! 

Happy Friday my Gorgeous Readers!



Throwback | Awareness Photoshoot

Hello Gorgeous!

One of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of anything and everything. Although I am no longer pursuing it as a career, I still do much love it and enjoy taking my DSLR to family trips and get together’s. There are many photo shoots I have done that are favorites but today’s Throwback Shoot that I will be sharing is one that really made a difference I believe in the eyes of the beholder. The shoot was inspired by Human Trafficking and how The A21 Campaign helps these girls/women through the process of healing and finding themselves again.

The A21 Campaign exist to abolish injustice in the 21st century. There Missions consist of Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnerships for more info click here. You and I may not physically take action by rescuing a victim of human trafficking, but we can make a difference by using our passions {blogging, running, photography, walking, etc.} click here. If you think that it would be easier to just give a donation to a cause that rescues victims of human trafficking, to allow the professionals to help restore and rebuild the lives of these victims, then you can make Donations here.

Now, Let me be very clear, Do your research on Human Trafficking, The A21 Campaign is one of many organizations that helps victims of human trafficking across the globe. I did my research and support The A21 Campaign, you should do yours as well.

{{This is a true story.}}

I believe to be someone who always tries my very best to help those in need, those around me and I’ve become someone who tries to shine a light on things that matter. And that is why my friend Andria aka Andy and I decided to get together to do this photoshoot about a year ago, to bring Awareness on Human Trafficking but more importantly on how you and I can make a difference!

A21 SHOOT 04

A21 SHOOT 12

A21 SHOOT 16

A21 SHOOT 22

A21 SHOOT 10

A21 SHOOT 14

A21 SHOOT 28

These are some of my favorite images taken that day. Andy was awesome to photo shoot, she was a pleasure to work with and was willing to do and go beyond of what I expected. This will forever be one of my favorite shoots.. I wanted people to see these pictures and feel uncomfortable.. why? because we all should be uncomfortable with the fact that their are girls as young as 12 being human trafficked across the country and treated like property not the human beings that they are.

You can find The A21 Campaign on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!

Hope this causes change and movement for a better future. Remember, Change begins with You.




Hello Gorgeous!

As you know this past weekend was Coachella in Indio, CA where a bunch of musicians get together for some great entertainment! A bunch of celebs were in attendance this year and I’ve spotted a few favorite Coachella 2014 outfits that I have absolutely loved, I’ve always liked that Boho Chic Look, the great thing about this festival is that you can make any outfit your own with the right accessories!

Let’s begin!

Alessandra Ambrosio




Absolutely LOVING this look that Alessandra put together for Coachella! Loving the crop top and shorts paired with these cowboy boots. She looks amazing if you ask me. And that little shoulder bag is everything!!

Kendall Jenner


This is the only picture I found of Kendall Jenner that I actually truly loved, it shows her complete outfit that she wore at the festival. I love everything about the outfit although I’d with the necklace would’ve been a little longer {in my opinion} that would’ve made the outfit look even better. I think all that Kendall is missing is a red roses flower crown? don’t you think?

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens looking very trendy in a Planet Blue outfit as she and boyfriend Austin Butler attend Day 3 of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Ca



Can we say WHOA! Vanessa Hudgen’s was definitely my Coachella 2014 Fashion Favorite! She takes the prize, well, if there was one I would gladly be presenting her with it! Loving this one piece, her accessories were on point! Work it girl! And that fan though, I mean… her necklace reads “gyspy” H to T she’s got it!


Yes! Purple, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue….. loving the hair, loving the simple makeup…. Miss H, you rocked Coachella 2014!




Mr. & Mrs. Carter brought it down a notch {style wise} and I also appreciate a low key yet chic outfit, the pair was spotted arriving at Coachella and performing! Awesomeness!

These were my favorites from Coachella 2014! Which one’s are yours? Share your thoughts below!!



Miami Heat #OOTD

Hello Gorgeous!

Now, today is Wednesday and that means only one thing we are half way to the weekend! I’m super excited about the weekend and I will share more about that on Friday, so until then lets focus on today. I created a “Fan” look for the day using some awesome items from different stores to create a look for that Miami Heat Fan out there, I created using the Polyvore app. I was planning on posting this sooner but got caught up doing some other things. Anyway, no excuse though, the outfit is a comfortable that you can wear to a Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Arena or you can wear it out with your friends to a pub to watch the game.

MH ootd

Breaking down the Outfit…

1. Forever21 Miami Heat Tank - $13.80

2. ONLY Nynne Skinny Soft Pants -  $29.95

3. Classic Canvas Plimsolls – $12.80

4. Forever21 Runaround Faux Leather Satchel – $19.80

5. Betsey Johnson Black Heart Stud Earrings – $25.00

6. Miami Heat Snapback – $30.00

7. Isadora Twist-Up Gloss Stick – $22.95

8. Blanc Nail Polish 13.5ml – $8.50

~ The End ~

So, there you have it ladies, a complete Miami Heat Fan #OOTD you cannot go wrong with this outfit, You can even add a black faux leather jacket to finish it up. I’m thinking about buying some items on this list, what is your favorite sports team? I would love to see who you all love? I’ve been a fan of the Miami Heat for a very long time and I love all of our players {old and new} they are the most kind and humble people that you could ever meet. :)



Because I’m H A P P Y!

Happy by Pharrell

I don’t know about YOU but everytime I hear this song I get up {it doesn’t matter where I am} and I start D A N C I N G! I could be sad, feeling down and not having a good day and this song will brighten up my day just like that. This song is FUNtastic!