Blog Hiatus 

hello amigos

I know, the last time I wrote anything on the blog was to express a couple of things I had up my sleeve for the blog, but due to personal reasons I have not been able to keep some of these things going including writing blog posts. These past few weeks I’ve been dealing with some things that have taken my mind & creative thoughts and have placed them in a box with a lock, I’ve kind of just stored ideas away. I haven’t been feeling myself lately and I’ve even been off of social media too. I know I haven’t been the best in keeping up with the posts and I apologize for that, I hate it that I said I would do something and I didn’t. That is out of character for me, I do like to keep my word.

So, that is why there is a post going up today and hopefully tomorrow. I’m typing this from my iPhone, so  really thankful for apps at the moment. Today is a rainy day in Miami I guess it’s because of Tropical Storm Erica. The weather anchors keep saying that on Monday the rain and winds will invade our city, but we’ll see about that and worry about that when it gets here. We haven’t had a hurricane or tropical storm in this case in a while. Maybe, I should prepare, just in case.

I really don’t want to go into details about what’s going on with me just yet. I still have time to share that with you all. If you haven’t noticed I will be cutting my blogging days to two times a week it just takes the load off just a bit. And it’s not that I don’t love blogging because I do, but I’m finding it harder and harder as things in my life begin to change.

When I started blogging I was in a different place than I am today. I believe I’ve grown so much as an individual, I’ve learned so much and I’m still learning more things about myself today. Every single day I wake up with thankfulness in my heart. We are able to see another day of life and I thank God for that opportunity. Our lives are here now and can be gone the next. And no, I’m not dying, not yet I hope.

This post was mostly to let you into my headspace. I’ve missed connecting with you and thank those of you that still stick around to see or read about my next adventure. I’m grateful to have amazing readers with amazing hearts. You all push me to write and create great things for you on this blog space. Thank you for understanding that I’m currently going through something I’m still trying to wrap my head around. But, I’m trying my hardest to keep my head up and trying to stay in touch with you all.

Thanks again for your love, kindness, encouragement and most importantly your prayers. I couldn’t ask for better readers & friends! I will talk to you all very soon.



H E L L O!

hello amigos!

It has been a while..

I know…

but I am officially back!

Personally, without making any excuses I really needed a break from blogging, you know when you’re feeling stuck and don’t really have not even the energy to think about something to write you just kinda drift away quite literately, not this past week though I was actually sick and had severe lower back pains… but thankfully I am all better now. I really did miss chatting it up here with you all and it’s been challenging for me to stay away but now I am here and ready to continue doing what I love which is writing and connecting with you all.

As I took these 2 weeks off from blogging I had a lot of time to think about where I wanted my blog goals to be at before this year ends. I know I had said that I would be starting on some exciting adventures (ex: youtube) and I haven’t done so, but not to worry there might be a video uploaded very, very soon…. details on that later on this month. I’ve decided to not only seek out more FUN stuff for my blog but I’ve also been connecting with a lot of new bloggers from across the globe. It truly is inspiring learning about new people… I personally love it.

So, you may be asking yourselves what else may be up my sleeves…glad you asked, We {as in my hubby and myself} are in the process of cleaning out our garage space to make some space for some furniture that I have in our 3rd bedroom which will soon be converted into a Home Office/Vanity Room {sounds a little vain}. I have also been looking into purchasing a new vanity desk because I’ve outgrown mine with all the makeup that I now own. And so the vanity desk that I have now will be converted into my office desk. I love decorating my home and making it feel like ours. My husband is so supportive, he too will be getting his own space downstairs… I will be creating a home office space all for him.

That is the big project I am currently working on and look forward in completing hopefully soon… I just wanted to come by and let you all know what we’ve been up too. We will also be paying some pro’s to come and paint the room because I refuse to paint it myself since we have carpet upstairs. Currently, I am cleaning out the 3rd bedroom, I have found boxes where I’ve accumulated so much throughout the years, I’m just glad I’m not a hoarder and I get rid of things easily. Once again, I apologize for vanishing for two weeks but remember you can always find me on Instagram & Twitter!

Until next time…



Laugh a Little

hello amigos!

Waking up on the middle of the week is never exciting, the day of the week that becomes exciting for me are Thursday’s because that means we are closer to the weekend.. lately, I’ve been obsessing over gifs, specifically Khloe Kardashian gifs. As some of you know I have a personal Tumblr and I love searching for gifs of Khloe I don’t know why but they make me laugh all the time. Her facial expressions are awesome! Let’s be honest, we can all relate to the following gifs below…

Khloe gif1

Khloe gif4

Khloe gif7Khloe gif9Khloe gif6

Khloe gif13

Khloe gif15

Khloe gif16

Khloe Kardashian is a favorite and you can see why… I mean, even Kim Kardashian agrees…

Kim Gif1

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday…. Go make someone laugh a little or a lot today!



Downtown Miami Adventure

hello amigos!

As I’m writing this I am walking around the downtown area of my city and I thought what better post to write about than to take pictures of this unique city that keeps growing in both people and buildings. There’s something to be said about Downtown, Miami it’s full of life. As you walk among the streets of this overpopulated city you can smell the yummy hot dog stands standing on the side of every corner. I must be hungry if I am already mentioning any form of food.

If I can be completely honest with you one of the best qualities of Downtown Miami is the views. All the high rise buildings and those being constructed will blow you away. Downtown is known for lots of traffic, lots of people going & coming and the food! I actually have friends who live and work in this city & they love the craziness of all this city brings. I honestly cannot imagine rush hour traffic down here, it must be awful.




The people I have encountered today have actually been super nice and welcoming. I just met a carrier on the elevator who was telling me that he was running to another previous elevator before he got to this one and a lady inside said I’ll hold it open for you, then proceeded to stick her middle finger out and have the elevator doors close on him. He said “nothing but rude people here” I did agree with him but also said “can you imagine if you would’ve made it? That ride would’ve been totally awkward!”

As I was leaving the elevator I looked his way and said “You have yourself an amazing day & be careful out there!” He said “Thank you, you too!” Now, you see this conversation all started because the doors almost closed on him and I held them open not knowing what he had just encountered. We can make or break someone’s day, you can either choose to wake up in a happy and positive mood or you can choose to be a complete Negative Nancy about life. It’s entirely up to you. Thank God for free will!!!

I’m literately blogging while I’m standing on the corner of a building waiting for some documents. Talk about being a multitasker!! As I look to my left there is a lady that was screaming at an older lady being completely and utterly rude. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live my life that way. I don’t want to live my life being rude and unkind to others; though I have in my past been rude, nasty and disrespectful I CHOOSE to not live my life that way today. I believe the biggest difference between myself and others has been that I recognize when I’m wrong and I recognize that I’ve had bad moments, in all reality, really bad moments.

Today, I’ve turned a new page, opened a new chapter in my life and I’ve decided kindness, compassion and love because that was what was given to me freely by God. This building where I am in is so loud.

I’m still here, looking forward to leave but also not looking forward to walking 3 blocks. Well, I finally got what I needed now, I am walking back to my car in this beautiful Miami weather. I can’t complain, circumstances could be worse, it could be raining.

Happy Friday!



SPOT ON | Simple Medleys

hello amigos!

Not to brag but, I am one heck of an online shopper in fact I prefer online shopping now a days that actually having to get dressed and leaving my house to go buy anything. I suppose sitting at home with my laptop on my lap, tv on, browsing through the web gives me some sort of relaxation. I’m big in finding online shops that I gravitate too and just love. There is an online shop I came across by it is by a fellow sister in the faith named Tania, her shop Simple Medleys is on Instagram! Can you believe it? Well, I’ve personally reached out to her to get to know the face behind this fashion forward accessories online shop and homeschool mom of two!

Mission Statement

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather for people.” {Colossians 3:23}

1. What’s the definition behind the name Simple Medleys? When i think of simple I think… not complicated :) something easy and Medleys… Well, I think of collections, so together I get collections that come together easily. In my shop, it could be a collection of charms, or a collection of chains, or a collection of beads that easily fit together to make a beautiful piece a Simple Medley!

2. Who is your biggest supporter? First off, My Husband Luis! He has always supported all my crazy ideas and allows me to experiment and express myself in whatever ways I choose. Then my friends, there are many, you know who you are, I would need more space to give you all a shot out but these have been there since the beginning, Jamie & Carlos, Stacy & Paul and Lulu & Mike. They support me in many ways, not just emotionally,  but financially as well, they are some of my best customers too! I also have another friend, who has even given me some business advice and always finds a way to back me up, Amor. THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

3. What inspires you? My faith in God and His love! My family! Life itself… the good and the bad. Most of my pieces have a meaning behind them, something that reminds me of my faith or things that I am passionate about.

4. What made you start your business? Honestly, I needed extra income! I started off by selling Lockets. One day I  found some great distributors, thanks to a good friend and started buying at wholesale. Then one day I needed to fix a piece and discovered my passion in recreating and designing pieces myself. 

5. What makes your products stand out from others? The items that I buy wholesale, I’m very well aware that other shops have access to as well, So the main difference is that I like to keep my prices affordable for all pockets. I also like to find a meaning for the pieces and name them. The pieces that I make stand out because they are created to encourage others and remind them of their faith.

6. Describe your business in 3 words.  Simple, Faith-based, Medleys

7. Does your business work with any non-profit organizations? Not on a constant basis to a specific Organization, but I have donated to different organizations (End it Movement and The Pink Fund)  and I have had the opportunity help out different people in need by donating to their gofund me pages. I have also just donated a piece to Go Shout Love, an amazing Instagram page who helps families whose children have rare illness. I was part of this months auction and plan on participating again soon!

8. Where are your products available? Currently, I’m trying to keep it personal and strictly on social media. Id like to have some kind of contact with my buyers.

9. Have you’ve faced any challenges that you have overcome? Of course! TIME! As I mentioned in the beginning, I am a stay at home Mom, who works and Homeschools two highly intelligent kids! An incredible talented & creative 8 year old girl and an amazing, organized and well focused 3 year old Boy. So one of my biggest challenges is finding the perfect balance! Managing my family, my house, homeschooling, ministry and my business. Trying to keep up with orders, sending them out on time. Keeping my customers satisfied! I think it’s something that I will always be working on, making sure nothing gets left behind or neglected, although I don’t mind if the laundry is neglected ;) yea right!! 

10. Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years? Im trying not to obsess about my future, which comes to me naturally, I’m trusting God, doing all I can to continue to follow His lead for my life. In 5 years, I hope to be closer to Him and know His heart more than today. I plan on growing older and wiser, growing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. I plan on continuing to express my creativity in whatever avenue allows me to! If He allows Simple Medleys to flourish, I pray that in 5 years it can and will have touch many peoples lives one way or another!

simple medleys products

You can find more of these beautiful products on the Instagram or by clicking the picture above, this is just some of many pieces she has available online.

At the end of every month I will be featuring a company on the blog that is not only affordable but an online shop that GIVES back to the community. We will name these segments SPOT ON! Now, hurry and go grab some products…



Perfect 365 | Review

Hello Amigos!

Today I want to share with you an app I kinda found both appealing and shocking at the same time. It is an editing app called “Perfect 365” I’m sure you have heard of this app as many celebrities do use it to make their skin look radiant in all of their photographs. I read in many articles that Kim Kardashian has used this app herself, I cannot confirm that for you all, but it’s what I have read while doing my research of this application.

Personally, I’ve only used it twice but I have not posted photos until today on Instagram. So, I will definitely let you all know what the response from everyone will be. If you’re going to use this app to correct areas of your face my suggestion would be “less is more” because if you use too much you will look like a bad porcelain doll. If you use just enough, you will still look like yourself but a little bit better… here let me show you…



Now, if you use too much of the app it can make you look unreal, over-edited and you don’t want to look that way. You want to still look as natural as possible with just better looking skin. If you notice in the pictures above I have a scar on my left cheek, well, that is something I didn’t want to take away from my face because it is part of me, but I did remove some spots that are really unflattering… you can have a better look at this with the pictures below…



Ahh, please excuse my eyebrows… I hadn’t done them yet… haha… anyway, in these photos above you can truly tell the difference when it comes to this app. I tried adding more than I did in the last photo to the skin to make it look clean and you can for sure tell the difference between the two photos.

So, overall, I think this app will be used by me for future selfies, now you know one more of my secrets to editing photos… but it’s not that much of a secret because I have shared it with all of you.

If you have used this app or any other please share them with me in the comments below, I would love to know what else is out there.



SUNGlasses for a SUNNY SUMMER!

Hello Amigos!

Lately, I have been into sunglasses… specifically oversized sunnies. UGH, I’m a sucker for the oversized look, especially because I have a big, oval face. ha. So, in honor of a SUNNY SUMMER I have created a list of the most affordable, retro, glam, fun sunnies you might want to buy for yourself and wear during these Summer daze ahead…

1. Retro City Sunglasses


Black-Out Big Drops | Can we just take a moment to be say….. YAAAASSSSSSS! These are on sale right now. You can buy them by themselves for only $10.99 or buy them with another pair for $18.50!


Flat Top Monica Sunglasses | These are simple with a twist of sassy-ness….. these are $10.99 as well and are also on sale.

Mirrored Dionysus in Black and Flame

Dioysus in Black & Flame | There are times you need some color in your life, these run for $11.99 I really love these because they scream out, “Summer, I’m ready for you!” and the prices on all these three are just perfect!

2. Urban Outfitters

BDG Quinn Oversized Half Round Sunglasses

BDG Quinn Oversized Half Round Sunglasses | Simple, Chic and Perfect everyday Sunnies! These are $18.00 plus s/h.

3. Nasty Gal

Vortex Sunglasses

Vortex Block Shades | Nasty Gal has one of the most amazing retro sunglasses, if you haven’t noticed a flow going on here. These are more on the pricey side, they run for $20.00!

Summer has begun and since I live in Sunny Florida it usually is SUMMER all year round. :) If you’re enjoying your Summer and are looking for some cool, retro, big sunglasses look no further. These are all affordable and will keep you looking stylish all Summer long.