Review | Gorillapod Mobile

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A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to make videos and document some fun memories on my phone and also in an app called Storie. I never would’ve thought how exciting it would be to video blog my day {I only vlog when something is happening on that day} I have gotten to used to be in front of the camera… since for a while I’ve been taking photos and have always been behind the camera.

So, as I started my journey documenting some things but when I was at home and just wanted to talk to the camera it was becoming difficult holding my phone and extending my hand to be completely in frame. I honestly do not know how some vloggers do it on a day to day basis. You are amazing to say the least.

There is a website called PhotoJoJo and it’s basically a photography store for lovers of cameras and iPhones. I came across the Gorillapod Mobile which works with all iPhones from 4/4s and up including the new iPhone 6 & 6 plus. And I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it on the site.




Now, after using this beauty for the past 2 months I can finally give you my honest review. At first, it was very hard to get used to, I didn’t realize a lot of the time that I had to keep the legs really spread out to keep my phone balanced and in place. Once I was able to get my grip on that {no pun intended} this device has truly been a blessing! I have been able to bring high quality videos and pictures to my Instagram and Storie {download the app, I have the same username as my Instagram}. I couldn’t be happier with this product!

If you’re into iPhone photography or video I highly recommend the Gorillapod  it will change everything about how you take videos and shoot photos. It also grips unto anything that has handles, get creative, but my suggestion would be to make sure it is gripping the area you’re putting it in. You don’t want it falling and breaking your mobile device. Which is very unlikely because as I previously said the Gorillapod really gets a hold of your phone, you just need to make sure the feet are in place.

This is my personal review on this product, I was not paid by PhotoJoJo to review this product. I purchased this product.

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Motivational Monday

hello amigos.

One of the things I enjoy most about driving is that I have full control of my vehicle, I have both hands on the steering wheel ready to take on the road all on my own. I’m someone who can spend hours driving without getting tired and I don’t mind it at all because I love the freedom from it, driving myself around going wherever I want to go.

And sometimes I sit down and think, who is steering my wheel and taking control of my life? Am I trying to do it myself, well, to be honest most of the time I try and do it myself and I realize that I cannot do this life alone. I am only one person, I am flawed and not perfect and what I should be doing is allowing God to take control over my life, decisions, dreams, goals and more.

I’ve always been a girl who doesn’t take no for an answer, the girl who always goes the extra mile, the girl who doesn’t give up, the girl who is always in control. Lately, in my life there have been different situations where I have had no control at all and it freaks me out because I consider myself to be controlling in situations, ya know, take the bulls by the horns and go! But, I know that God wants me to hand over this bad habit and rest in Him and what He is doing.

So, today if you feel like you don’t have control over anything happening in your life, hand it over to God… His promise is to carry our burden {carry our problems} He’s got your back. Do you trust Him enough to let go of the things you’re trying so hard to hold on too?

Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. {Psalm 55:22}

Happy Monday

Celebrating a Legend


hello amigos!

This past week/end was a tough one for our church family and community. Our friend, brother and most humble man to ever walk the face of the planet passed away due to a stroke and hemorrhage. Those facts aren’t important the one’s that are the one’s I will share with you about the Man that Michael Mena was to many people including to my husband Brad and I.

When I first met Mike it was at church where he served alongside his wife Lulu, they seemed like very nice people so I approached her first introducing myself and she greeted me with a smile and a hug. Mike had a strong grip on his hand, he greeted me with a handshake. I will never forget this day because I knew they were new to the church and there was just something about them that stuck.

A few months in Mike and Lulu both started serving at church, they became very involved. Not only did they serve inside the church they also served out. The first time I served with them was at Boys Town, I remember it was during Christmas time in 2011 and I remember Lulu asked people to donate gifts, toys, school supplies, clothing and so much more. The gifts were wrapped and placed under a tree. Lulu and Mike also brought in food for these kids and a big group of us volunteered that day, we spent the day with the kids & teens showing the LOVE of Christ. This day opened my eyes to the servant heart that God gave to Mike & Lulu.




Whenever I personally was surrounded around Mike & Lulu I was also surrounded by lots of Laughter. This was our team that day, it was so successful and we were all so happy we were able to pull it off. You could literally feel the love in this place. I along with many others served with Mike & Lulu at Boys Town and everytime was better than the last.

There was also this one time Mike had this crazy idea to do a festival and invite different vendors to one place for a community in Miami. To bring bounce houses, live worship music and spread some love and happiness to the people in that neighborhood. Yup, it was called The Hope Fest 2013! I was so honored to be part of it, serving alongside my friend Laura, Lulu & Mike and all the amazing volunteers that came out to support this cause, I still have my shirt that I proudly wear around the house. This event was a turning point for everything His Hands was about to do!


His Hands was created to feed and clothe the homeless, being there for others physical and spiritual needs, Every first Monday of every month they “hit the streets” by reaching out and being the hands and feet of Jesus.

This is what Mike was about, helping others in need of not only physical needs but also bringing the word of God for their spiritual needs.

I thank God for Mike, I thank Him for allowing him to exist on earth. Mike was the most selfless person I have ever met, he was caring, loving, compassionate, kind and had a passion for the lost. Mike’s vision does not end because he is no longer here, in fact, I believe in my heart that it will continue to grow and shine even more for God. He has truly taught me the true meaning of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We look forward to celebrating Mike’s life this Saturday at 12 noon. I can’t wait to hear the stories of the people that Mike has touched in one way or another. Mike is gone, but never forgotten. Although our hearts ache there is peace and joyfulness as we know that he has finished his race and is face to face with his creator. He leaves behind his wife Lulu and 3 awesome kids. Mike’s legacy will live on through his family, church and those his life will continue to impact through the stories that will be told.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” {2Timothy 4:7}

“His Lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.” {Matthew 25:21}

This post is in Honor of our dear friend Michael Mena. #MenaStrong



Motivational Monday | Faith

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

{Romans 12:12}


This verse has truly been a constant reminder these couple of days. I don’t remember If I told you that one of our friends was in the hospital and is now in rehab and therapy facility to have sessions in which he will be doing to regain strength and mobilization as well as speech therapy. We are so happy that he has made it out of his induced coma and little by little he will be back to normal again.

This past Tuesday our church family received news that one of our beloved brothers had a stroke. When I got the news I remember I was sitting in my couch thinking and praying about people in general that are in hospitals for different reasons, conditions and diseases. My eyes widened and I cried for this man, he’s a husband, a father, a friend, a leader in his own right, a good kind-hearted individual who loved God and served passionately.

We’ve cried, laughed, been in silence, worshipped, cried again… but through it all one thing has remained, FAITH. Our faith is what has allowed us to move forward one day at a time. Our faith has been a constant reminder that we have a faithful God who loves us, A God who is concerned about our well being, A God who surrounds us with strength when there is none. Our faith has been the tool we’ve needed to survive, I don’t know how people do without it!

We’ve been praying for our friends one is recovering and the other, He is a fighter. Our spirits are in awe of the fact that he has fought the good fight of the Faith and that is what Faith truly is… Hope in the unseen.

{this post is dedicated to Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Mena}



Living Room Decor | Rustic Meets Hobo Chic

hello amigos!

My husband and I have been discussing changing our entire living room situation, in what way you might ask, well, first we are selling our sectional {which you can see here} that we have had for four years, it is in great condition and we’re hoping to sell it soon. If you live in the Miami area and are interested please write to me on my contact page. :)

We have also been looking for an entertainment center for our tv and we found this beautiful piece at American Signature Furniture. The piece is Mesa 64″ stand my husband Brad and I fell in love with the piece the moment we laid eyes on it. As you can see it has a rustic feel to it so we decided to go with that theme for our living room area. Which I don’t mind one bit because I love how wooden pieces make a home feel homey, if that makes any sense. The sectional we’ve had our eyes on is the Wyoming Godiva 5pc Reclining Sectional It can be reversed meaning that long piece you see on the left side could be easily placed on the right.

As you can see from above these pieces are going to look amazing together so the fun part is going to be the decor of the living room space and I cannot wait to show you some pieces I found while browsing Khols yesterday afternoon.







As you can already see I have a specific style going on thanks to the entertainment center we are going to buy. I am working my interior decor magic to make our living space the most comfortable, rustic style feel possible. I was a little disappointed with the letters as they didn’t have the letter “B” for Brad, they had “S” though but I did find some cool letters on the Urban Outfitters site, the “Acid Etched Letter” which cost only $12 but are for 2 for $20 at the moment. This makes me super happy.

We already have a curtain for our living room window which is the small space behind the couch that we will be using as a home office. For that window I am currently looking for a rod because the one we have is old and doesn’t match the new decor… and you guessed it I have been looking for some options on UO. I have been looking at this rod the “4040 Locust Curtain Rod” it has that rustic feel… love it!

We also want to add a bit of color with all the wood that’s going to take up these tiny spaces. This is where the Wall Art comes into play, I will be searching high and low, meaning I will be shopping online and at different locations trying to find the perfect fit for our living room space. I am thinking of taking some black and white photos of my city {Miami} and placing them inside the picture frames above. Those will have a personal touch because they will have been taken by me. :)

We will also be getting rid of our coffee table so we will have to buy a new one, I have been looking for something to match our soon to be leather couch… I really like this “Danish Modern Coffee Table” its unique and doesn’t take up a lot of space. We’ve also been considering getting a record player, I’ve been keeping an eye on the “Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player” remember I need some pop of color in this area.

And so this is all of the crazy ideas I have in my head, hopefully little by little it will all come together!

love ya, mean it



February | Instagram Favorites

hello amigos!

As you already know I love my Instagram and am personally working on getting better pictures up… so expect to see some awesome pictures taken with not only my iPhone 6 but also my Canon S110 {great camera btw}. I know we are well into March but I have to post my February Instagram Inspirations, I picked 5 people that inspire me with their beautiful photos and lives.


The Rachael Ross

The Rachel Ross

Rachel is a lifestyle blogger who loves sweets and has a passion for fashion. One of the many things I love about her is her style, its bright, fun and her own. Now, from what I can see she is a fan of prints, polka dots, stripes and fedora hats, I mean she looks super cute if you ask me. Rachel’s style inspires me to move out of my only {black} {grey} and {white} style and add some color into my own life, so thanks Rachel! You want to go and follow Rachel on Instagram especially if you need some fashion inspiration!



These ladies are taking over, they are a mother & daughter blogging duo and they write a little bit of everything. There Instagram feed is one of my top favorites for the month of February {and every other month of the year} there pictures just take you to another place and brightens your day when you’re feeling kinda blue. They also host #ChicChat on Twitter on Tuesdays from 9:00-9:30pm. They ask great questions and bring the community of the blogosphere for 30 minutes to interact with one another. It’s just great. These girls are inspirational and there Instagram feed speaks for itself.



Also known as M. Belen Pugliese she is from my hometown Miami and takes many pictures from our Wynwood area which can also be described as the Art District. There are many shops and many awesome graffiti walls that you can use yourself as back drops for portrait photography. I love watching her post these beautiful and significant pictures from a city I’ve come to know and love myself. If I could describe Belen in one word it would be adventurous! So, if you want to see more go check out her Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.



This beautiful young woman I’ve known since she was a little girl, we used to go to the same church and I was her dance teacher during some of that time and I’m very proud of the person that she is becoming. Anais loves photography, it’s not just a hobby it’s her passion. You see, I for one love getting behind my camera I get this rush and I know she feels it too when she’s behind her lens. You might be asking yourself how I know that well, it’s simple, just look at her photos, she tells her story through her photos. When I look for Instagram inspirations I look for people that have a passion for photography, a passion to explore, to inspire and a passion to be yourself. Anais, continue doing YOU sweetheart, never doubt yourself and your ability to be fearless, keep doing a hell of a job!



This is Francesca Felix, a lifestyle & fashion blogger from California, she is a one of a kind stylist and a girl that likes to travel. Francesca is Mexican and is a Graphic Designer. I love fashion and style; Francesca has a very unique style. I love the way she puts pieces together and her backdrops to all her photos are just plain genius! I mean, she does live in Cali, have you’ve been? It’s gorgeous there. When a blogger takes a chance in fashion and styles themselves in pieces that are both high and low end they automatically have my full attention. Fran inspires me. I love following her on Instagram because her pictures are a breath of fresh air. Go check her page out, you can thank me later.

These are my February Inspirational Instagrammers <<<< is that even a word? Well, I just made it one. ha.

Who have you’ve been eyeing on Instagram? Who’s been inspiring your daily life or bringing in some sprinkles of happiness and joy? Share them below I would love to check them out.

love ya, mean it



Motivational Monday

stay humble

Stay Humble.

No matter how far you go or what heights you reach, stay humble. Be respectful of those working as hard as you to achieve greater things and if they turn out to be even more successful than you be happy for them, congratulate them, show your support, be honest but think before you speak, be gentle, be compassionate, be a friend.

We only get one life to do things right. There are many that have reached great success, materialistically & socially…but internally they are empty. They have nothing to give, they’re not happy although they seem to be on the outside… they lost their path along the way, somehow, somewhere.

Make sure your feet are always on the ground and make sure you have family and close friends to keep you grounded.

Be gracious. Be an inspiration. Be a hard worker. and stay humble.

Don’t expect respect if you’re not giving it. Don’t expect to be treated differently if you are mistreating others. Don’t expect people around you to be compassionate if you’re not showing mercy. We are all in this together, we’re full of imperfections and always have something new to learn.

Keep your head up, Smile and Be Kind…

You will go a long way.

Happy Monday!