It’s time I shared this..


I guess the time has come for me to share with all of you what I’ve been currently doing. I’ve currently been in Naples for about a week now because I have made the decision to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and am taking a certification course here which is about 3 weeks long. The reason I chose to do it here in Naples and not my city, Miami is because it takes longer to do it over there. In Miami it takes approximately 6months to do it at a technical school. I’m going through an independent RN who teaches the class and may I point out I am learning quiet a lot.

I’ve always had a passion for the medical field, it’s always been something that interest me. I love helping others and making them feel good. I feel like the medical field is not for everyone but if you love it then you should consider being part of the healthcare team, whether that is to be an RN, LPN, LVN or CNA. The wonderful thing about the medical field is that there is always room to grow and learn. There’s always something new to learn. 

For those of you that don’t know I have my MA (medical assistant certification) I received this in 2008 and I never really got a chance to use it. When the school that I went to during that time (TCI) I felt like no one would really hire me because I didn’t have experience. Now, I don’t feel that way, I’m taking this CNA course and I understand medical terminology very well. I had a test on Monday and got the test back Wednesday with 100% which I wasn’t expecting but I did study! I’m terrible at test taking, I always blank out. I think that was always my fear that held me back from doing what I truly loved which is Nursing. Maybe, this is the first step.

The RN teaching this class is so well versed in all that has to do with the medical field. The fact that she takes time off her week to teach these classes is simply great. I’m so happy that I’m continuing my education in the medical field. I hope to inspire those who are thinking about going back to school period. Maybe there is something you’re really passionate about and want to go back to school to finish your studies, do it. 

My classes are 3x a week and we have tests’ 2x a week. I’m proud of myself and feel like this was long overdue but hey, better late than never. I just really wanted to share this with you all and let you know that I won’t stop blogging, I will continue writing. Obviously, it will be during times that I can and am not working. I thank you all for your support & encouragement always! 

If you want to keep up with my day to day follow me on snapchat (username: HelloScarBlog) you can keep up on my Instagram also with the same username! 

Hope to talk to you all soon through here. If you’re able to further your education do so, don’t be like me and have time just slip away, be all that you can be and do not let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your dreams! 



Pottery Painting with Esme


it’s me.

Honestly, I just saw the opportunity to do it and I did. LOL

If you follow me on my Instagram account you would’ve noticed that my little niece Esmeralda and I went to the Cone 06 Pottery Painting Studio that I wrote about in a previous post. It was Esme’s first time in the studio and she loved it from the moment we walked through the doors. There is just a variety of Pottery for one to paint, we literately spent a whole 30 min each trying to decide what we were going to paint. Esme decided she wanted to paint a “Cupcake Bank” and I decided on a “Spoon Holder” for my kitchen when I cook. So, after the long ordeal of trying to figure out what to paint the fun was about to begin..

One of the owner’s graciously came over to explain to Esme how the process of the painting worked, she explained that we needed to pick our colors and then our brushes. I walked over with Esme and helped her choose her colors which were many shades of pinks, blues, greens and glitter! She is such a girly girl. Once I had her set up I went to pick my colors blue, green, cream color, black and some glitter too. We both wanted our pieces to stand out. I think Esme and I are going to be pleasantly surprised when we get our pieces this Saturday.



Esme had already started on hers before I could snap a picture without the paint. As you can see these pottery pieces are solid. What I love about this place the most is the fact that I don’t have to pay to use their facility or for the paint. You only pay for the piece that you’re about to paint. If you ask me that is a great deal and for the prices, this place has become a favorite of mine. I plan on bringing one of my good friends here, I think she needs to de-stress and this would be a good place for her to let out her creativity.


Esme was so focused on painting her “Cupcake Bank” she had an awesome time.



And above are some sneak peeks of what our pottery looks like before being put in the fire. We are counting down the days to Saturday so we can go pick up both of our pieces. Our kitchen is going to have something a little extra making the kitchen pop and my little munchkin is going to have her very own, hand painted, glazed cupcake bank.

If you’re ever in the Naples, Fl area this is a place you want to make the time to go and visit. You will not be disappointed.



Merry Christmas!

hello amigos,

It has been too long, okay, just 25 days but I am taking a moment to write this post for you.

Merry Christmas Readers!


I’m so grateful for every single one of you, thank you for reading and keeping in touch with me and waiting on me to always come back and write a post. You all are awesome. I always get your messages, texts, emails and social media posts… YOU ROCK!

Currently, we are sitting around the table talking, my aunt is saying stories about her childhood and my uncle {who doesn’t ever speak} is surprisingly talking as well. Family time is priceless, we don’t get this time with them all the time. My aunt & uncle came down from Gainesville, GA and we’ve been spending time together with the both of them. My sister and mother are both also talking about past memories. My eldest niece, eating some left overs from our Noche Buena. My other niece was next to me but got up to go get a book to read. And our little niece Esme is playing with her new doll that has interchangeable clothes she also got a tablet where she has to play games.

This is what our Christmas is looking like, we are sitting around telling stories. These are the moments that I love taking in and as much as I can. My mom and her sister reminisce on their childhood and laugh loud as they remember how they used to play. You can for sure tell that they’re related.

Family time is so important.

Today, take the time to be around your family, love on them, laugh with them, hug them and tell them you love them.

Merry Christmas Friends!




Hello Amigos!

This year I’ve decided to do Vlogmas from December 1st – December 25th, 2015!!! I’m so excited to share with you all my families adventures and craziness. This is my first year of Vlogmas and I cannot contain my Christmas Excitement!

Although I did open my YouTube account this year I will not be filming Vlogmas there, I will be filming it on the App “Storie” created by Nick Miller a YouTube Vlogger. If you do not own the app go search it and download it so you don’t miss out on any content that will be uploaded. It’s so easy and combining for me to start doing it on Storie and then next year (I can’t believe I’m saying that!) I will do Vlogmas on YouTube!

vlogmason storie

The link to download Storie is here.

Hope to see you on the app and follow you back! I’ve officially made the announcement on all my social media accounts.

Love you all & I’ll see you soon!



Toby Mac | #ThisIsNotATestTOUR

Hello Amigos!

It’s been a while I know but I’m so excited to share with you what my weekend has looked like this far. Yesterday, I went with one of my friends to a Toby Mac concert. As many of you know I live in South Florida and the last time TMac (as I call him) stepped foot in Miami was about 10 years ago. So, you know your girl had to go to this concert! God was good and opened a door with a friend that was looking for someone to go with and I gladly replied and the rest of the night was HIStory in the making!

This is Not A Test Tour was off the hook! There were 3 artist that opened up first starting with some chick by the name of Hollyn, now can I just say that girls voice is one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard in a long time, her edgy tune and hip hop swag was out of this world. The next artist to show up and bring the house down was Colton Dixon, dude has got the look,  the band, the hawk and the voice! He’s the whole package, if you like punk rock you will be sure to fall in love with this guy. And last but not least Britt Nicole, what a sweet girl, I didn’t get to meet her or any of the artist but just the way she carried herself on and off stage, she was filled with love, grace and compassion. You could feel it. As soon as she hit the stage you felt this wave of energy and fun! It was my first time listening to her and I am not disappointed she was a top favorite of the night for sure.

Colton Dixon

Britt Nicole 
My friend and I were sitting pretty close to the stage which was pretty awesome. So awesom we kinda lost our hearing by the time the concert was over! Ha!

Can you imagine sitting in the stands with me singing along and rocking out?! This has been one of the best concerts that I have been in my life!

There was an intermission for about 10min or less and during that time I decided to use the restroom I practically ran so I wouldn’t be caught up in the line, thankfully when I arrived there was only 5 people in front of me. Then I ran to get some water which was $4 and then I ran quickly to get my seat which as I stated before was pretty darn close to the stage. I took a load off and sat for a bit and then one of my favorite artist of all time and his DiverseCity Band came out and the party started…

TobyMac Entrance

Totally in shock and in disbelief that I was standing feet away from an artist I’ve grown up listening to. I used to choreograph a lot of his music and still til this day do. I love his passion for God and people. I also love his funky fresh, hip hop, pop, reggae swag he puts into each record. It’s a mix of epicness.





For some of my favorite Toby Mac videos check out my Instagram page for the footage.

This concert is going to go down in history for me, not only because TMac is one of my favorite musically talented geniuses but because the guy remains humble and true to himself, a devoted husband, a great father and most importantly a faithful follower of Christ.

One Love.



32nd Never Looked So Good!

Hello Amigos!

You read correctly, today your blog writer turns 32! I’ve been roaming this earth for 32 years, I cannot believe it… just yesterday I was dying to turn 18 years old so I could go wherever I wanted without having to give explanations to anyone! I’m honestly in shock that I’m getting older and older, but I guess that’s the way life moves forward.

Today I woke up at 7am because my sister and I had the plan to go to lunch at BJ Brewhouse at the Falls. First, I showered, got ready, did my makeup and as I was doing that my sister called me to let me know she was running late. So, obviously I took a bit longer to do my face, a girl’s gotta look good on her birthday! When she arrived I drove her to her doctors appointment and then we returned to go eat. As were sitting down my mom and nieces came through our table and started singing “Happy Birthday” and I was completely surprised! I didn’t expect to see my mom because she had called me earlier that morning to tell me that she wasn’t feeling well. But, let me tell you they surely Surprised me!




I had the best time with my family, I definitely missed my niece Genesis and nephew Danny, but understand they had school and homework to finish. I do wish they would’ve been able to make it although there is always next year. The food at BJ Brewhouse is so delicious and affordable, you can’t beat that! After there I went with my sister to Victoria’s Secret and bought myself some Christmassy Pj’s because I had a $10 off coupon I had received by mail, so you know your girl went in! Ha!

After that I decided to come home and relax the rest of the afternoon. When my awesome hubby came home he brought me a beautiful bag with the name “Pandora” written across from it. I had sent him a list of charms I wanted this week and he ended buying me two. I absolutely love them!

And th Alex & Ani bracelet was given to me by my niece Genesis for my birthday, she was the first one to gift me something. The charm (which you can’t see) has the word “Aunt” written on it. ❤️

I truly had an awesome birthday this year and am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life. God has been oh so good to me without me deserving His unconditional love.

I am blessed.



Cone 06 Pottery Painting Studio

hello amigos,

As some of you may or may not know I was in Naples, Fl this past week for my mom’s birthday. It was a total surprise for her and all the pictures and video of that day are in my Instagram so you can check them out there. We had so much fun celebrating her day and it was surely something special because she wasn’t expecting it at all. The plan was for me to arrive at the Cheesecake Factory at 12noon and surprise her there. It was a fun weekend indeed. The week that I spent up there for my sister’s birthday my niece and I decided to have a day together at a Pottery Paint Studio that just opened it’s doors in Naples. I was excited because I love getting my hands dirty especially when it comes to creating something beautiful.

My niece and I drove to Cone 06 Pottery Painting Studio and may I add the place itself isn’t huge but it does have a variety of ceramics ready to be painted. There are 250 pieces to choose from, I went in knowing what kind of pottery I wanted to paint, I wanted something for my jewelry, I wanted to paint a plate. So, as we walked in my niece asked me to start looking for a plate that I would love as I looked I saw this cute owl plate that stole my heart away. I have two favorite animals 1. an elephant and 2. owls I don’t know why my obsession with these creatures but I love them. Prices range from $8 and up and the great thing about this place is that there are no studio fees! Meaning, you only pay for the piece you’re about to paint.

You can have birthday parties, corporate parties, adult parties, baby & bridal shower parties at this location by calling them and reserving a table for your party. You can follow them on Facebook for updates on new pottery! Can you tell I’m completely smitten by this place?! not only because the cost includes the painting, glazing and firing but because the service was simply perfection. If you have never painted before one of the staff members will sit with you and help you paint your piece. They are kind and willing to answer all of your questions or concerns. My niece had gone there a couple of times so when we went she helped me paint my piece, I can’t say she was patient with me, but I had fun bugging her non the less.

Owl Pottery 1

Owl Pottery 3

Owl Pottery 4

My niece Genesis decided to take a snap of me while I was painting….

Owl Pottery 5

And here is the final product glazed and fired up at home…

 Owl Glazed

the owl is currently on my nightstand looking absolutely adorable if I do say so myself…

Owl Glazed1

And just like there is a variety of ceramic pieces there is also a variety of colors and paint. For my first piece (of many to come) I think I did a pretty good job. It could’ve looked a lot worse. I love displaying my bracelets. Now, that Christmas is around the corner my niece and I are planning to take the family to paint some ornaments for our family Christmas tree. I’ll make sure my husband paints one for him and one for snowball and i’ll paint one for me and one for Cody. I’m looking forward to making something for Thanksgiving too… good thing you can get as creative as you wish!

If you’re ever in the Naples, Fl area go check out Cone 06 Pottery Painting Studio! You won’t regret it. In fact, you will enjoy every minute of it especially if you take a friend, family or that special person you love.