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Today’s post is a fun one for me because I truly enjoy MAKEUP if you haven’t already noticed by all the Snapchats I’ve been posting lately. So, I’ve decided to talk about 3 products that I have fallen in love with over the course of 2 days, yup, you read correctly… thats how spectacular these products are. Drugstore products have always been a favorite of mine but to actually find products that work and serve their purpose is a different story. Let’s begin…

Loreal True Match

L’oreal True Match “Classic Tan N7″

This is the True Match Super-Blendable Liquid Makeup SPF 17 foundation which was highly recommended by a beauty guru on YouTube. I’ve personally been on a mission to search for the perfect foundation and I can finally say that I have. I’ve tried so many different foundations in the past that promise long-lasting wear but in all reality they aren’t. The foundation that I had prior to this one {which will remain nameless} was thick and as soon as I stepped outside the foundation has a cakey feeling on my face. The thick layer feels awful and I could never feel my skin at all. I would always think to myself, foundations should not feel this way on the face.

As soon as I saw this recommendation I started doing my own research and came to find out that there are many people that use True Match and they truly love it. One of the things a lot of girls mentioned about this specific product was that it DID NOT have that heavy, cakey feeling on the face. You can imagine my excitement when I decided to head on over to Walgreens and buy this foundation. I decided to try the foundation on the next day as I was heading out to run some errands, the results are below…



This foundation left my face looking flawless. It is a medium-full coverage and its super blendable, it doesn’t leave my face cakey, in fact it is so light when I touch my face I am touching my skin! YAS!! I’m really happy with this product and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a great drugstore foundation, this one is it!

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner 

Lately, once again I have been looking for a liquid eyeliner because all I have is a gel eyeliner. My gel liner is not good, I have oily skin and when eyeliner hits my eyes within the hour it is smudged off and it isn’t because I smudged it with my hand, it’s because of the oil in my face. Living in Miami it is extremely hot and humid at times, so I like having makeup on all day. I had bought another liquid liner which I write about here and that didn’t work out either. So, let’s just say I didn’t have the best of luck with any liquid liners.

This liner was also recommended by this beauty guru on YouTube her name is Nicole Guerreiro, she was in my Top 8 YouTube Favorites check her out! Anyways, this liner I’ve been using it since yesterday and it has lasted all freaking day! No smudges, No bleeding, No nothing! It’s been great on my eyelids. It stays on all day and for that I am highly thankful. If you have oily skin, you understand that the struggle is too real. So, if you’re looking for an eyeliner to change your life, this NYC liquid eyeliner is bomb dot com. A must have in your vanity set.

The photo below was taken in the late afternoon yesterday it was probably 7:30pm. This eyeliner is a keeper.


…and last but not least…

Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips

The baby lips you see where bought within 2 days, I know it’s crazy but it’s the truth. These were recommended to me by my niece and I’ve also wanted to try them myself and I don’t know why I hadn’t tried them sooner. The names from left to right are, Baby Lips Dr. Rescued Medicated Lips Balm, Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm and Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF20 these 3 are my top favorites.

Not only are these amazing on the lips and keeps them hydrated it also keeps your lips from getting cracked. Now, you might be asking yourself whats the difference between the medicated lip balm and the moisturizing lip balm. Well, the medicated lip balm is only to be applied no more than 4x a day, it has a minty feeling as soon as you place it on your lips, the one I got actually has some color to it. The picture below clearly shows you that there is a certain color when you apply it. :)


And the orange one is called “Cherry Me” which is also tinted {I didn’t take a picture of it though} don’t judge me. ha. and the SPF 20 lip balm is clear so obviously there is no tint. These lip balms are better than any other lip balm I’ve tried yet, they leave my lips super soft and I’m loving it! Another great thing about these lip balms is that you can use them under your lipstick! I’ve already tried this and trust me when I tell you that your lips feel amazing and no matter what lipstick you are wearing your lips will be hydrated the whole time.

Well, I hope this review has helped, all the products mentioned above were bought by me, this post is not sponsored by any of these companies. These are my personal opinions only.

What are your current favorite products? Comment below and let me know.



Goodbye Don Francisco…

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Today’s post is one that I knew one day I would make I just didn’t expect to make this announcement any time soon. When I was a little girl I remembered sitting in front of the television screen on Saturday night’s waiting for 8pm to roll around. I would grab a sandwich and chips my mom would make for me and rush to the front of the tv to watch this show called “Sabado Gigante” which in English it’s translated to “Giant Saturdays” it’s a show that Hispanic families around the world stay up and watch on Univision. It’s tradition in any Latin household.

We as a family have been watching Sabado Gigante since I was 5 years of age and I’m 31 years of age today and I still watch some parts of the show and only when my mom is watching it. My mom has to be in the room with me watching it, it’s just not the same without her. Now that I think about it our Saturday night’s will never be the same again… and the reason for that is because they just announced today that the show is coming to an end and the official announcement will be made this Saturday, April 18th by it’s one and only host Don Francisco.

don francisco

Mario Kreutzberger who is known by his stage name “Don Francisco” was born December 28, 1940 in Talca, Chile. Mario is married with three adult children. He also hosts “Teleton” a television charity show for Chilean children for over 30 years he has done 22 telethons. Don Francisco has had many honors including “The World’s Longest Running TV Variety Show” according to Guinness Wolrd Records.

Sabado Gigante will always be the show that will be most talked about among all generations to come. According to news outlets, the last day of air will be on September 19th, 2015. I still cannot believe I am talking about the end of something I grew up watching and continue watching to this day. I cannot wait to hear my mom’s reaction to the news tomorrow, I’m sure she’s going to be talking about it for days to come. Oh, may I add, Sabado Gigante has been in the air for 53 years…

Thankfully my mother, my eldest niece and I were able to go to one taping last year for July 4th which actually aired on July 6th, 2014! We wanted to do it for my mom since she had never gone before and we had no idea the tickets were free so we decided to go on a Tuesday. I remember the day well, as I was driving there my mom was so excited she could not contain herself, once we were inside it was a different story. It’s not a live taping so when they do or say something wrong they would have to do it over and over again. We were there approximately 6 hours with only 30min of a break. My mom is much older and was exhausted after the 4th hour of taping, she wanted to go home… haha. My niece and I enjoyed it and took it all in, the studio is smaller than what it seems on tv.

And last but not least here is the Official Announcement of the end of Sabado Gigante.

I’m happy that my family and I were all able to experience this great tv show growing up and that this will be the beginning of awesome things for Don Francisco. To him, to his staff and to Univision, Thank you.



Motivational Monday


“No one looks stupid when they’re having Fun”

It doesn’t matter how silly you may think you look goofing around or making faces as long as you are having a fun time then that is all that counts. Whether you’re in a group of friends or by yourself, know that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of being yourself. There are way to many people roaming earth with a long horse face, people who take themselves too seriously, people that just need to lighten up. There are too many people in this life that will try and dull your Shine, don’t let them.

Be the weird you. Own it. Flaunt it. 

Happy Monday

Spring Into Style

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It is about that time again to write a post on some cool Spring looks for 2015 now as you already know I love creating these posts they are my absolute favorites! I love putting outfits together with accessories, so on and so on. I feel like a personal stylist every single time… and so naturally I have to have at least one of these posts every month.

Let’s begin…


Spring 2015 | Look #1

  1. MADEWELL Crop Tee
  2. Topshop Moto Destroyed Boyfriends Jeans {any ripped jeans will do}
  3. Massimo Supply Co. Doris Footbed Sandals
  4. H&M Backpack
  5. Stranger iPhone 5 Case
  6. Lord & Taylor Stud Earrings
  7. Forever21 Classic Oyster Band Watch
  8. MANGO Metallic Ring Set

Makeup: red lips, winged eyeliner, keep the face looking fresh and clean.

Hair: pulled back, messy bun or try that beach hair look.


Spring 2015 | Look #2

  1. Short Sleeve Floral Dress
  2. Rag Casen Demi Wedge Sandals
  3. Coral Padlock Chain Shoulder Bag
  4. iPhone 6 Eat Cake For Breakfast Case
  5. Essie – Serial Shopper
  6. Leaf Stencil Earrings
  7. Ashley Stewart Gold/Marble Bracelet

Hair: high ponytail, curly/wavy, straight down.

Makeup: keep eyes neutral and lips a soft coral color.


Spring 2015 | Look #3

  1. Zara Halter Neck Layered Top
  2. Custom Made Daisy Dukes High Waist Shorts
  3. River Island Black Floral Print Bustier
  4. Martha Black Patent Sling Back Sandal
  5. Black with Tassel Backpack
  6. Pop Art Pineapple iPhone case
  7. Pineapple 14k Gold Stud Earrings

Hair: beach hair, messiest bun you’ve ever done…

Makeup: wait, what makeup? keep those eyebrows on fleek and use some lip balm!

Tell me below which of the looks above is your favorite, mine is the last look because I have been beach bound every weekend since my family left back home.



Motivational Monday


 “But I found that ultimately if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in — even if it makes you vulnerable — amazing things can and will happen.”

Emma Watson

Do what you have always been called to do, put everything you have into it and don’t let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dream. Things will fall into place and will happen for you. Dreams only work when you do! 

Get to it! 

Happy Monday 

the IT hair color?!?

hello amigos!

Well, lately I’ve been thinking and pondering about changing up my hair color because I feel like I need a drastic change, but if I’m going to have a professional touch my virgin hair I want to do something fun and different. I’ve been on Pinterest for months now looking for the perfect hair color and I’ve come across some interesting colors. There are so many to choose from, there are hundreds.

There is one specific color that stuck at from the rest to me personally and although I know it may shock most of you I really am loving it. Now, I haven’t decided 100% if I’m going to commit to this but I think I do want to try and do my tips first and kinda do it like an ombre that goes from the color to white tips… are you scared yet? white tips, yes you read correctly. The color that I am really desiring to put on this thick black hair is….. grey.



These are the two colors I have been eyeing, but from the both of them I am liking the first one more. As you can see it still has that black undertone and that’s good because this girl is not planning on dying my eyebrows grey, no, no, I’m not about that life. ha. but I am really, really diggin’ this grey hair. My family and some friends aren’t approving, but I don’t really care because at the end of the day I’m the one that is going to be rocking it, not them.

I’m still doing my research and I also have to find someone that is a professional in dying hair. I don’t want to give my hair to just anyone. Honestly, you only live once, I know it sounds cliche’ but it’s the truth, what’s fun about life if you’re not willing to try new things or think out of the box!?! This year I made a promise to myself to do things outside of the box and to think bigger and better.

As I said before my hair has never been touched, its always been black. This will most likely be a one time thing and then I will let my hair grow out. Do any of you have any changes you want to do to your hair? career? life? Share them with me in the comments below!



Vacation Mode | Part 3

hello amigos!

The last days of our vacation we decided to take it easy because we had been doing so much throughout the entire week. There are times where you just need to relax.

So, the familia and I decided to spend some time at the beach. They all love the ocean so this was a no-brainer. I love spending time in front of the ocean because it’s so relaxing and serene. I enjoy it so much, just sitting there looking out into the ocean, feeling the wind blowing in your hair, smelling the salt water, sticking your toes in the sand…. okay, can we go to the beach now?






Heading home from the beach I love looking at the sunsets. I love the colors.

We also visited Bayside in Downtown Miami, it was such a beautiful day outside, there were plenty of shops to look at, some of the favorites were the croc store {yes, we love crocs, keep your hate to yourselves}, harley store and the ice cream shop.




We spent all the time we could with the family, the only time I didn’t spend with them was when they went to Metro Zoo because I have been there so many times before and I’m kinda over it to be honest. That was Friday, but Brad {my hubby} did go and spend the whole day at the zoo.

We miss our family dearly and we hope that maybe {just wishful thinking} they decide to move down here… I already made plans with my cousin Holly and Mother-in-law Alice to create a fun place for people to come and snorkle, dive and fish on a cool boat that Holly’s husband Neal will be the captain. We have it all together as you can see… If you all have any suggestions for names, let me know. :)

love ya, mean it