Throwback | Awareness Photoshoot

Hello Gorgeous!

One of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of anything and everything. Although I am no longer pursuing it as a career, I still do much love it and enjoy taking my DSLR to family trips and get together’s. There are many photo shoots I have done that are favorites but today’s Throwback Shoot that I will be sharing is one that really made a difference I believe in the eyes of the beholder. The shoot was inspired by Human Trafficking and how The A21 Campaign helps these girls/women through the process of healing and finding themselves again.

The A21 Campaign exist to abolish injustice in the 21st century. There Missions consist of Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnerships for more info click here. You and I may not physically take action by rescuing a victim of human trafficking, but we can make a difference by using our passions {blogging, running, photography, walking, etc.} click here. If you think that it would be easier to just give a donation to a cause that rescues victims of human trafficking, to allow the professionals to help restore and rebuild the lives of these victims, then you can make Donations here.

Now, Let me be very clear, Do your research on Human Trafficking, The A21 Campaign is one of many organizations that helps victims of human trafficking across the globe. I did my research and support The A21 Campaign, you should do yours as well.

{{This is a true story.}}

I believe to be someone who always tries my very best to help those in need, those around me and I’ve become someone who tries to shine a light on things that matter. And that is why my friend Andria aka Andy and I decided to get together to do this photoshoot about a year ago, to bring Awareness on Human Trafficking but more importantly on how you and I can make a difference!

A21 SHOOT 04

A21 SHOOT 12

A21 SHOOT 16

A21 SHOOT 22

A21 SHOOT 10

A21 SHOOT 14

A21 SHOOT 28

These are some of my favorite images taken that day. Andy was awesome to photo shoot, she was a pleasure to work with and was willing to do and go beyond of what I expected. This will forever be one of my favorite shoots.. I wanted people to see these pictures and feel uncomfortable.. why? because we all should be uncomfortable with the fact that their are girls as young as 12 being human trafficked across the country and treated like property not the human beings that they are.

You can find The A21 Campaign on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!

Hope this causes change and movement for a better future. Remember, Change begins with You.



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